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Be sure to leave the rgb= OUT.
White rgb= #FFFFFF Red rgb= #FF0000 Green rgb= #00FF00 Blue rgb= #0000FF
Magenta rgb= #FF00FF Cyan rgb= #00FFFF Yellow rgb= #FFFF00 Black rgb= #000000
Aquamarine rgb= #70DB93 Baker's Chocolate rgb= #53317 Blue Violet rgb= #9F5F9F Brass rgb= #B5A642
Bright Gold rgb= #D9D919 Brown rgb= #A62A2A Bronze rgb= #8C7853 Bronze II rgb= #A67D3D
Cadet Blue rgb= #5F9F9F Cool Copper rgb= #D98719 Copper rgb= #B87333 Corn Flower Blue rgb= #42426F
Dark Brown rgb= #5C4033 Dark Green rgb= #2F4F2F Dark Green Copper rgb= #4A766E Dark Olive Green rgb= #4F4F2F
Dark Orchid rgb= #9932CD Dark Purple rgb= #871F78 Dark Slate Blue rgb= #6B238E Dark Slate Grey rgb= #2F4F4F
Dark Tan rgb= #97694F Dark Turquoise rgb= #7093DB Dark Wood rgb= #855E42 Dim Grey rgb= #545454
Dusty Rose rgb= #856363 Feldspar rgb= #D19275 Firebrick rgb= #8E2323 Forest Green rgb= #238E23
Gold rgb= #CD7F32 Goldenrod rgb= #DBDB70 Grey rgb= #C0C0C0 Green Copper rgb= #527F76
Green Yellow rgb= #93DB70 Hunter Green rgb= #215E21 Indian Red rgb= #4E2F2F Khaki rgb= #9F9F5F
Light Blue rgb= #C0D9D9 Light Grey rgb= #A8A8A8 Light Steel Blue rgb= #8F8FBD Light Wood rgb= #E9C2A6
Lime Green rgb= #32CD32 Mandarian Orange rgb= #E47833 Maroon rgb= #8E236B Medium Aquamarine rgb= #32CD99
Medium Blue rgb= #3232CD Medium Forest Green rgb= #6B8E23 Medium Goldenrod rgb= #EAEAAE Medium Orchid rgb= #9370DB
Medium Sea Green rgb= #426F42 Medium Slate Blue rgb= #7F00FF Medium Spring Green rgb= #7FFF00 Medium Turquoise rgb= #70DBDB
Medium Violet Red rgb= #DB7093 Medium Wood rgb= #A68064 Midnight Blue rgb= #2F2F4F Navy Blue rgb= #23238E
Neon Blue rgb= #4D4DFF Neon Pink rgb= #FF6EC7 New Midnight Blue rgb= #00009C New Tan rgb= #EBC79E
Old Gold rgb= #CFB53B Orange rgb= #FF7F00 Orange Red rgb= #FF2400 Orchid rgb= #DB70DB
Pale Green rgb= #8FBC8F Pink rgb= #BC8F8F Plum rgb= #EAADEA Quartz rgb= #D9D9F3
Rich Blue rgb= #5959AB Salmon rgb= #6F4242 Scarlet rgb= #8C1717 Sea Green rgb= #238E68
Semi-Sweet Chocolate rgb =#6B4226 Sienna rgb= #8E6B23 Silver rgb= #E6E8FA Sky Blue rgb= #3299CC
Slate Blue rgb= #007FFF Spicy Pink rgb= #FF1CAE Spring Green rgb= #00FF7F Steel Blue rgb= #236B8E
Summer Sky rgb= #38B0DE Tan rgb= #DB9370 Thistle rgb= #D8BFD8 Turquoise rgb= #ADEAEA
Very Dark Brown rgb= #5C4033 Very Light Grey rgb= #CDCDCD Violet rgb= #4F2F4F Violet Red rgb= #CC3299
Wheat rgb= #D8D8BF Yellow Green rgb= #99CC32

There are 5 different aspects of a web page who's color you can control.

They are the background, the regular text, the unvisited links,
the currently active link and visited links.
Of these, the currently active
link is least likely to be used.

The color codes supplied can be used with any
of the objects, not just for backgrounds.

The HTML coding is fairly simple. Leave the period (<.)out of your tag.
It is there now to prevent our browsers from reading it as a command line.

For the background color use this: <.body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

This produces a page with a white background because
the color code #FFFFFF is the code for white.

To change the text color,
use the following: <.body text="#000000">

This produces a page with black text
because the color code #000000
is the code for black.

To change the unvisited links color,
use the following: <.body link="#00FF00">

This produces a page with blue links because
the color code #00FF00 is the code for blue.

To change the active link color,
use the follow: <.body alink="#DB70DB">

This produces a page with purple links
while the link is active because
the color code #DB70DB is the code for purple.

To change the visited link color,
use the following: <.body vlink="#FF0000">.

This produces a page with red visted links because
the color code #FF0000 is the code for red.

The color codes are made up of 3 2-digit codes with
each 2 digit code representing the amount of red,
blue or green that makes up the color.

The digits are not base 10 numbers which
make them look strange to most people.

They are actually hexidecimal or base 16.
So 10 in hexidecimal is 16 in base 10.

A color that starts with 00 has
no red and a color that ends in 00 has no blue.
A color that starts with FF has full red and a
color with FF as its middle pair of
digits has full green.

There now several utilities for most computers
to determine Netscape color codes.

There are also some other sites which have "cgi" programs
running which can help in choosing codes.

This page was meant to be a cross section
of the 16 million codes now available.

Not every browser displays color the same way.
For example, Netscape on Macintosh and Windows will
sometimes dither color that make up the background.
The dithering pattern makes text
difficult to read.

A solution is to create with a graphics program
a small square image filled with the color
that you want for your background.

Then use Netscape's background comand within the body like so:
<.body background="red.gif">
Remember to place a <./body>
at the end of your html file.

What are HTML tags?

Learning how to build Web pages is
essentially just learning how to use HTML tags.

Tags are like instructions that tell the browser what to do.

The structure of every tag is identical; each consists of
a left-angle bracket (< or "less than" sign), a tag name, and a
right-angle bracket (> or "greater than" sign). Most tags occur
in pairs that contain the content the instructions act upon, hence
they are known as containers.

Confused? Don't be --
the following example should help.

Let's say you want to place the word "Hello" on
a Web page so that appears centered on the page.

You would do the following:
The first tag, <.center>, tells that browser
what follows is to be centered on the page,
and the second tag, <./center>,
tells that browser the instruction is complete.

Once you have accomplished this
you can use "Copy and Paste" to make more tags or pages.

Rainbow Line

If you recognize any part of this text as your hard work,
please e-mail so that
I may give the proper credit.

This page is compilation of my own
and information from the Internet that was e-mailed to me.

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