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Do you remember these?

Helen Nancy Kelso, my Mother

Genealogy Update

Name: Helen Nancy Kelso (nee: Strasser)
Born: February 02, 1913
Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio
Died: February , 1992
Warren County, Maineville, Ohio
Father's name: Jacob Arthur Strasser
Mother's Maiden Name: Louise Keller

I'm so old pictures were in black and white!

Charles, Lillian and my father, Robert David Kelso.

Genealogy Update

Name: Robert David Kelso
Born: November 27, 1911
Harrison Township, Benton County, Iowa.
Died: December 22, 1966
Hanau, Germany.
Father's name: Charles Ford Kelso
Mother's Maiden Name: Lillian Belle Leach

Bob Kelso at 2 years and nine months in Honshu, Japan.

Bob Kelso at 2 years, in my komono also in Honshu, Japan.

My train set when we lived in California. Age: 7

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